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  1. Great win. Interesting that fans and club are in agreement over weak areas - full back (tried to remedy with Williams loan) centre back (Salisu) and centre mid (Diallo). This game proved the rule - and I’d probably add another cf to that list as well as Long now looks like a lower league player and the youngsters aren’t quite ready (maybe the Wellbeck rumours). In the end you had 2 players out of position (Walcott and JWP) two players way off the pace (Diallo and Stephens) and a centre forward who can’t perform at this level anymore (Long). That’s problems with half the team so that second hal
  2. I’ve never got the Romeu bashing. He’s very good at what he does - and has been a mainstay in any decent period we have had since he joined. Great passer, strong, intelligent (never been sent off despite his style), big club and plenty of Prem League experience, and a real team player (if he gets dropped he tends to come back stronger) Yes he isn’t the quickest, but if he was he’d be top 6 material. I’d give him a 2 year contract now - if he signs for another club in Jan as he is entitled we’d have made a big mistake.
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