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  1. Only watched the highlights, decent chances for us but lucky to only be 1 down at half time. Did think Mane was climbing over KWP for the goal though, holding him down.
  2. Also, how the f*ck have the Prem messed up VAR so much. With so many examples that work out there and how easy it should be to make the right decisions, the 'officials' have still made it impossible for the right decisions to be made. The best time I've had at football in last 2 years is a 0-0 draw at Gainsborough Trinity. Well contested match and a shit load of beer. What a Saturday afternoon.
  3. Just watched the 'highlights' and that was never...never a red card. Not even a yellow. Lost control but pushed the ball away to the keeper. If that is not recinded, we may as well let the Shit League... sorry...Super League take over and just move to supporting non-league teams, which is not unappealing to be honest.
  4. Atrocious! Really poor. Our passing was abysmal and never really troubled them. Very disappointing.
  5. P.S. Yes... slightly drunk. 😉
  6. So, just watched the MoTD highlights. Very comfortable, more so than Adam and Dave made it sound live. Adams looked superb, what a player we've got there. Forster, you know what, I wish him the best and hope he becomes the next Shilton or Niemi for us because...I love him. He has been nothing but professional for us and deserves our respect and support. I truly think we have 2 of the 3 best English keepers in Alex & Fraser, we as Saints fans, are a privileged bunch with the players we get to support. Special mention to Bednerak who is the new M.Svensson, what a player! I want to highl
  7. Just before the first lock down, we travelled down for the Saints-Newc match we lost 0-1, with Djenpo being sent off. We had the BEST weekend down in Southampton (cheers Hobbit, Rockstone and Firehouse, great pubs!) and despite the loss, we felt positive. Now, we're over the moon. The Koeman years were great but this feels like something really special. Ralph is the right manager for a club like us. I hope he stays for many years because the fit is perfect and credit to the leadership for recognising this and sticking with him. Plus, whilst some people may have thought getting Theo back served
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