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  1. Where does it say he excelled at Saints? It does include a quote that he excelled at Valladolid, however. Have you mis-read it or is it me?
  2. They had to be 'in a row' otherwise they wouldn't have been since our last goal!!
  3. Rather than justify your ignorant remark you have compounded it .... and 'tool' is hardly erudite - in fact, literally they are at least useful. 'Noodles' also has a non-literal meaning!
  4. Victor

    Ray Clemence

    No he wasn't. He never played in the EPL
  5. Victor

    Ray Clemence

    186 caps presumably as that is their aggregate.
  6. Yesterday was 13 months to the day I left The Dell - sorry, St Mary's - and said to my son-in-law 'that's the worst Saints team I have ever seen' and I watched my first game 57 years ago. A week or so later was the 0-9 and I texted him to say 'told you so'. I'm not apologising to Ralph and the team but, wow!, ****dy well done! Truly amazing, you are a joy to watch. It is a proper team.
  7. Was hilarious to see Smith on MOTD bleating that the ref didn't add the correct amount of added/injury time otherwise they would have won.
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