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  1. **** knows TBH, but a few people on here know me and follow me, and also on Sotonians, so I guess he's found out somehow. His following me around like a love starved puppy for the last 4 months and then comparing to my tweets? I dunno, but the obsession has got to extreme levels.
  2. You know what you ****ing said about how nice my kids new school is (even though they're not at a new school). You trying to ****ing psyche me out on other media isn't ****ing happening, you weird ****. You know what you said, don't try and ****ing pussy out on it now because you regret it. Own it.
  3. Nope, not still getting it, as account has been banned - as you well know.
  4. I'm surprised he hasn't seen that I've accepted his invite. As said, I want to discuss his conduct towards me and my family on Twitter.
  5. If Shurlock is/was Gavyn Davies, then frankly that just adds further weight to his postings on here - if you have ever read any of his Guardian blogs (which I had to in the mid 00's when doing the statistics part of my degree) or any of his macro comments for the FT, then you will realise what a good mind he is. Of course, he may not be. In relation to the two posts above, they are written from different viewpoints, the top one written from a position of "Tories are going to take us down the no-deal route" which is what was originally thought, and the second on the position of "Boris will push ahead and get a deal approved". As with every article, and every opinion put forward on here, it is about context, and that context, as ever, is DEAL or NO DEAL. If we have a deal then sterling will do better, if we don't it will plummet. And don't worry, Gavyn will have made a ****ing fortune off of shorting the pound as I'm pretty sure he said he backed out of a number of his positions a few weeks ago.
  6. The point is I don't know his family, it was an off the cuff comment to a faceless entity on a forum, but it seems strange that you side with the person that has said on here that they dislike Arabs and Jews. You may not be aware of that, but I would say that is far worse than what I wrote.
  7. I've never said anything nasty or personal about OldNick - he quite clearly has an issue with me but no idea what I've done to him to deserve that reaction. But yes, perhaps it's best if he wants to continue his tirade against me to do it on the Kindergarten Thread, here: https://www.saintsweb.co.uk/showthread.php?60023-The-Kindergarten-Thread/page17#.XcA3U2Snw0M
  8. Remorse for what - an off the cuff comment which was blatantly untrue (and everyone knew that), against someone who I don't know, but had been insulting both Arabs and Jews? Give it a rest. This is like when Goatboy got asked to apologise for talking about someone's wife getting fingered. Happy to apologise to his wife though.
  9. Love one. Perhaps we can talk about the threats you made against my kids on Twitter then? I'll have one of them with me so you can tell her what you wanted to do to her to her face.
  10. Woah, calm down there Nick, no I didn't. I made an off the cuff comment and that person revealed that his wife had been ill. Don't make it sound like I knew the situation beforehand.
  11. Well, I don't think that was me, especially if that person was 5ft 5in - only 3 people on this forum know me so can't believe we have an acquaintance in common.
  12. I think that someone (or yourself) may be getting confused? I'm making my first trip to St Mary's in 4 years next weekend...
  13. People just seem to like sniping on here unfortunately - all I did was put up a light-hearted Halloween picture and people start throwing insults. It's the Brexiteer way.
  14. I was just wondering where your intel was from? Add 10 inches and you're just about there...
  15. You got us that police incident number yet buddy? We're still waiting for you to prove that you're not a coward and a racist.
  16. That's one of the greatest stories ever!! Sandals looks nice too.
  17. What's Allah got to do with it? Is this a poor attempt at a Conservative Islamaphobe joke or something, as I'm pretty sure CB Fry is not a Tory...
  18. I think they're both cretins, so why vote for either in that situation? The problem with Corbyn is that it's allowed the membership of the party to go hard left, when really they should have their own party altogether. Keir Starmer would do a cracking job in getting rid of the extreme left, whilst winning back membership from the centre.
  19. I'm surprised you're not calling it racist, considering you don't seem to understand what racism is. Either way, that's not me, it's a random. I would never post a picture of me on the internet if I was that small and weedy.
  20. There is clearly an issue in the Labour party - it may not be large but there is an issue. His inability to act like a leader and investigate properly makes him someone who is happy to tolerate it, which makes him an anti-semite. I would say Boris's inability to deal with it, after promising a thorough investigation, puts him in the same bracket. However, why can't this be looked at in isolation? Why do you have to try to compare it to the Tory's? If someone does wrong, it doesn't matter if it's evened out across the other side of the house.
  21. They'd only get in propped up by the Lib Dems, and Swinson is more likely to get in bed with the Tories thanks to the spending plans that Boris has proposed.
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