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  • David Armstrong

    77 44.51%
  • John Sydenham

    25 14.45%
  • Chris Marsden

    36 20.81%
  • Nick Holmes

    20 11.56%
  • Marian Pahars

    14 8.09%
  • John Hoskins

    1 0.58%
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Thread: Saints Greatest XI - Best Left Midfielder Poll

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndyNorthernSaints View Post
    No ability? one of the best passes of the ball and part of our best side of recent times. Can't be bothered to get link to his goal at Ipswich as you surely are on a wind up.
    I quite liked Marsden, but passing was undoubtedly (for a midfielder) the part of his game most lacking in quality.

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    Thanks peeps, the votes are now in. Try as hard as I can I don't honestly see Chris Marsden as being anywhere the second best LM ever to have graced a Saints side in living memory, but mine is only an opinion and I must abide by the vote just as everyone else does. And he was in quite a successful side, and played a full part. Perhaps also, players like John Sydenham will end up as subs for either A or B team. But, the line up so far, is as follows:

    For the A Team:



    Paine-------Ball------Le Tissier-----Armstrong


    And for the B Team:





    And now the nominations start for perhaps the two most eagerly awaited positions. Go over to it now and nominate the best striker you can think of to play in the RF position. Just one player mind. No legends, just quality. Ta.


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