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  1. That is the case for directors and certain others, but not employees. Saints will only be paying the PAYE/NIC when the players are actually paid.
  2. I don't know if this has been mentioned earlier in the thread, but I was listening to the radio commentary and they got word (before the final decision was made I think) that the lino had said he flagged for handball by Aguero. The ref (who I accept is generally useless) went over to say that he had a clear view that it wasn't handball, but to check if the lino was sure it wasn't offside and the lino said it wasn't, hence the goal was given. Although they are not meant to do so, you'd have thought the 4th official would have told them it was offside, as he must seen a replay during the long time it took to finally reach a decision. If the above is true, it would mean that in this instance the main fault was with the lino.
  3. In order (over the last 50 years, top division only) Worst - Davenport Vestergaard Caulker Hoedt Thank goodness two of them were loanees. Unfortunately, the other two were effectively bought to replace Fonte and van Dijk.
  4. Sorry, forgot Gabbi's second at Wembley - has to be included somewhere
  5. 1. Pahars v Blackburn, late equaliser (3-3) in Great Escape season 2. Le Tiss 94th minute equaliser at the Dell v Newcastle in '97 under Souness, when we had been 2-0 down going into stoppage time - the hardest I've ever seen a ball hit 3. Rasiak at Derby in play-off semi 4. Long at Anfield 5. Armstrong v Man Utd - last minute winner in the Keegan overhead kick game
  6. 1993/4 is my favourite as well. The way Bally reinvigorated us after the despair of the Branfoot years, MLT in his prime, lots of exciting end of season games (e.g. 5-4 at Norwich). Other favourites are 1981/2 and the Championship promotion season under Adkins. I didn't see any of the second half of 83/4 unfortunately as i was abroad.
  7. Based on recent transfer windows, my overall feeling is that if we in for them, then none of them are probably not what we need.
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