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  1. Interesting random chat with a guy I saw whilst walking my dog in the forest this morning. Don't really know him at all, just occasionally see him whilst walking, so no idea how reliable he is, but thought I'd pass it on. Said he works in the finance world, for a stockbroker with offices in Southampton and London called Charles Stanley. Anyway, he said that one of the interested parties is Sir Jim Ratcliffe. Apparently he's one of the highest net worth individuals in the country, multi billionaire level, owns a Swiss and French football club already, and lives in Hampshire. So sounds at l
  2. Haha, so you mean like most of the other threads on here then? Just par for the course. So anyway, Leicester City. Probably the best we could have hoped for under the cirumstances. Maybe they'll get a player sent off after 13 minutes and we'll stuff them 9-0. Love to see the drivelling media loons froth over that for the next two years. As others have said (back when it was the FA Cup Semi Final topic), you'd be forgiven for thinking that Leicester had been given a bye straight into the Final. Hopefully complacency will level the playing field a bit for us. And then we'
  3. Sorry, the "Ralph is god brigade"?. You don't do yourself any favours by labelling your fellow Saints fans who happen to have a different opinion to you with silly exaggerations . You are talking about what still appears to be a majority of our support who are simply doing just that. Supporting our manager through a difficult spell he's enduring under great duress, after he's given us a lot to smile about since he's been here. Perhaps you could try it? Loyalty goes both ways y'know. Excellent post sir. Eloquently expressed. Thank you for putting what I tried to get ac
  4. Sorry egg, ran out of posts til now. Yes, I only saw your post directly above my last one to you after I'd replied. I understand your issue is a tactical one. Although you say that when Potter made changes to peg Bertrand back, that Ralph did nothing. But that's not what I saw myself. Of course, I could be wrong (it happens from time to time ), but it looked to me that when he brought Minamino off, Tella very briefly switched to the left with Redmond moving up top (at least as far up as he ever gets) until Djenepo came on shortly after, and that change was used to switch to a back t
  5. Declined? Haha, that'a a laugh Les. We cut them all up months ago.
  6. Strangely I can't seem to find the search function anywhere (let me guess, full members only?), or I would have probably been able to find an answer to my questions without having to start a new thread. I used the site's contact form to ask a question about subscriptions over a week ago now, and have had no response. Par for the course? I would like to contribute to the curry fund, but having been shafted before elsewhere, I have a policy of not making online payments. What I would like to know, is if there is an address I can send some old fashioned hard cash to, to become a f
  7. Thanks for the comments. I was "one of the good posters who don't post anymore and you can see why". Been around since the old S4E days, and posted in every incarnation since. Just got tired of wading through so much of the dross posted on most forums to find anything worth reading, and took a break for a few years. Been reading again for a while, and felt like replying to one of the topics recently, when I realised it had been so long since I last logged in that I couldn"t even remember my username, let alone password. So had to start again from scratch.
  8. Long read alert! Only bother if your mind is still open. I understand the emotion at play in this thread. Really, I do. It is no fun to watch the club you love thrill you with the temporary illusion of a potentially truly memorable campaign at the top end of the table, chasing those elusive European places, only to see it all fall apart like thawing ice. Until a few months ago, Ralph's star was in the ascendency, we were "lucky to have him", and worried he would soon be poached away by the bigger clubs, enviously eyeing up the delectable football we were serving up. Following a footb
  9. A truly horrific display today. Got ourselves back into it once through another nice Che finish, and just for a short while, looked like we'd found some belief down the back of the sofa - and might just go on and score again. As per the norm however, the half time whistle signaled the end of our afternoon's work. Once that second Brighton goal went in, anyone who watches us with any regularity could see within moments that we were not going to get anything out of the game. We are physically and mentally a spent force right now. The players simply knew that we did n
  10. You seem a fairly intelligent kind of chap Charlie. I'm sure you can work the maths out in your head. The results, as you would expect, are the naturally occurring consequences or outcomes that arise from any given set of variable inputs, actions (or inactions) and contributing circumstances of events. Essentially the effects of whatever causes that led to them. In our case, it's a long, but relatively simple formula to comprehend. The Equasion: A) sustained period of financial limitations + B) number of years subsequent playing squad under-investment + C) global p
  11. Exactly. 👍 I missed this game so can't fairly offer an assessment, but I know what I've seem from watching the vast majority of them. Earlier in the season (and post lockdown last), with a mostly full strength side who are well drilled in what is expected of them, you can cleary see what Ralph calls our "automatisms" at work. They all know exactly what they're supposed to be doing in any given scenario, and the confidence this builds for the regular side putting the game plan into practice week in week out is clear to see. I really don't need to list all the reasons why this con
  12. Looks to have the potential to be some player in the making. We've been here before though with others looking promising at first, but fading into obscurity as time passes. It's one thing to make an immediate impact, but quite another to keep that going and develop into a quality top level player. Has all the raw attributes to make it though, blinding pace, good movement off the ball, the courage and desire to actually drive forward with the ball and make things happen. It's when you've become established in the side though, that the fear of making mistakes and losing your place
  13. Loving seeing Fraser rushing twenty yards outside his box, sweeper-keeper style, on a number of occasions. So much better with the ball at his feet. Even say he was looking quite tidy and confident at times. Often looking for a chance to start a quick counter with a well spotted throwing opportunity. Clearly been working hard at his game, and all credit to him for it. Much improved, and deserves to keep his place for now.
  14. So refreshing to enjoy the way an evening feels after claiming an important three points. They caused us some problems, particularly in the earlier parts of the first half, pressing high and looking to impose a physical style on us, and making it difficult to play out the way we like. Not overly helped by an understandably 'rusty' Ibrahima Diallo. The positive effect this had for us though was in forcing us to revert more towards our earlier preference for mixing up our passing. Nathan Tella was very impressive, and a key part in giving us that out ball we've been missing. Raw pace and d
  15. Thanks mate, though nothing is working. It's likely either that I'm a thick cunt, or because I'm currently on a tablet. Though the two are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Will try on the PC tomorrow to confirm if it's the former or latter. Just for the sake of staying on topic -- if we win on Saturday & go ten points clear -- will Ralph still be shite and need sacking, or will he suddenly be OK again after all?
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