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Ridiculous traffic junctions - name your faves!


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I am being a pedestrian here, so it might not count. Near where I live in Trafford they have just changed the crossroads about and put two red/green men boxes on each post, both facing the same way towards pedestrians at 1.5 & 2m heights. Which is just stupid as you can't see the ones across the road now which are often easier to look at.


Anyway I moaned online to a councillor who sent my moan to head of traffic who tells me that they have followed national guidelines! The two red/green men boxes at similar heights face the same way towards close pedestrians so tall and small people can both see apparently. At the expense of one box the other side of the road looking at me and others at various long range angles.


I can draw a diagram if you all want me to!


Nobbers!! I am starting a campaign against pedestrian & traffic light planning morons. I will update this post when it is organised on Facebook.


Name your fave crap organised lights junction here!

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