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  1. Christ. The amount of pop up ads on that site! edit. Kudos to everyone who has kept this thread running for so long. I haven't been around for years, yet here it still is. Like an old friend or a comfy codpiece.
  2. VFTT, please have a little humility. Nick has hit more nails on the head than you have on this thread. They continue to get away with it and, although I appreciate that it's not all over yet, you have been very assured that they will fall at each successive hurdle yet, strangely, they're still here. So please don't blame Nick for not being wrong so far.
  3. I think you might all get told off for baiting. It's against the rules donchaknow?
  4. It's funnier without the correction so let's just say no more about it, eh?
  5. Someone more cynical than me would probably say, "Yeah, yeah. We've heard all that before."
  6. Ah, I see. The noises coming from HMRC suggest different but then I wouldn't trust the HMRC as far as I could throw them. In fact, it's pretty galling having to cheer them on in this instance. It's only cos it's Pompey.
  7. What sort of deal? It would be illegal to ultimately pay HMRC more, pro rata, than the other unsecured creditors. Sounds like bullsh*t to me.
  8. Indeed. I would laugh, however, at the authority with which some people post when they state what is going to happen at various stages, only to then shift the goalposts to the next stage.
  9. I have to agree. This thread is chock full of definites that have turned out to be anything but. If I was a P*mpey fan I would be laughing at the undeserved arrogance of most of this thread by now.
  10. Yeah. I'm just fed up of everyone kissing Pompey's collective arse.
  11. It's been hidden. Must've been the tits.
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