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  1. "Whatever", the sound of a lost argument.
  2. You're waiting for us, You're waiting for us...... To fill your stadium, You're wating for us!
  3. I actually "kind of" agree with Ho. IMO, more people stayed away because we were s**t, rather than in protest of Lowe. Attendance not being so good when team is doing s**t..... Shock.
  4. I have no idea about Pompey these days. Are they rich or skint?
  5. They would be back in the lower leagues, I'm sure of that. It's perfect really. We get to laugh at them for being liquidated and crying etc, and then we get to laugh at them for being in a lower league than us.
  6. hehehehehe please please please. I heart Gaydamak.
  7. Yep, let them laugh at us for a while. Atleast we all know deep down it wont be long untill we are laughing at them. Wish it would ******* hurry up mind!
  8. Only if Saints fans wrote the history books.
  9. Let them enjoy the moment I say. I get the feeling it might be one of the last times they get to properly "gloat" to us.
  10. Corp never comes on after a Pompey win or do something good, ever.
  11. I don't even agree with your mini psychology lesson pes. I can truthfully I had a GOOD DAY when you played us in the cup. "Great" would be too far, but I know me and the 5 others I went with all had a good day and enjoyed taking the p1ss outta you lot. Would have gone mental if we won, but it didn't hurt. It'd hurt alot more if it was a league game though I'll give you that!
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