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Saints at Wembley radio package


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I am a journalism student at Bournemouth University and I'm producing a radio package on Southampton playing at Wembley. I'm looking to interview a fan, over the phone for ten minutes, who watches the team regularly, has a good knowledge of off-the-field affairs and preferably has dealt with the media before.


If you would like to volunteer please contact: alexsmith78@hotmail.co.uk




Alex Smith

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I personally would go for Nineteen Canteen


He articulates humself well and has a lot of useful input in all things on the field, but he also has an appreciation of things off the field......


Just ask him about Matt Le Tiss (the legend), Lawrie Mac (our greatest manager) and last but not least Leon Crouch (one of the clubs biggest benefactors in recent times).


Ah, you've only got 10 minutes..... you may have to pencil a few days in.


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