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  1. If there were better candidates that didn't come forward, by default, that makes them pretty shit candidates. If they're not prepared to step forward and save their party (which is dying on its arse), who would want them running the country anyway?
  2. Shouldn't the government produce a policy on what we should eat? Seems like the best way to battle Covid. Whilst some people don't know whether they should book a holiday or not, I don't even know what to have for breakfast FFS
  3. Ursula von der Leyen accidentally made the case for Brexit while apologising to Europe for the slow pace of her vaccine roll-out today - admitting that solo countries will be quicker at getting things done. Attempting to justify why the EU signed deals for Covid vaccines weeks or months after the UK, she said on Friday that countries acting alone are 'like a speedboat' while the EU 'is more of a tanker.' LOL
  4. Damn those Brexiteers.. https://metro.co.uk/2021/02/05/cadbury-to-bring-most-production-of-dairy-milk-back-to-uk-from-europe-14026912/?ito=push-notification&ci=74646&si=20393567
  5. It highlights the inefficiencies of the EU when it comes to negotiating... anything from trade deals to vaccines
  6. We have been able to do our own thing, but that doesn't detract from the fact that the EU's handling of vaccines as been nothing short of a shambles "The EU is acting 'slowly, bureaucratically and protectionist... and if something goes wrong, it's everyone else's fault" fumed a front-page editorial in Die Zeit, one of Germany's best-respected broadsheets. The German's are now mugging the EU off LOL
  7. Indeed. An unforeseen benefit of not being in the EU was a more effective procurement process for vaccines. The EU signed vaccine contracts three months after the UK and are now bitching that they've not got their fair share. They dragged their feet, as they usually do, but somehow it's someone else's fault
  8. Indeed. I jumped on a Ryan Air flight (booked mid-June) to Ibiza last week. I knew the risks and was prepared to take them. But with return flights costing £60 each and free cancellation on hotels, it was worth the risk. Those that can work from home, won't have an issue with the 14 day quarantine on return. I was shocked at how serious the Spanish take on Covid-19 is. They are way more stricter than us. The only people seeming to break the rules out there were the British tourists. It feels safer out there, than it does back here TBH
  9. Kier Starmer obviously apologised for nothing then... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-20992789 https://www.theguardian.com/uk/2013/jan/11/jimmy-savile-police-report
  10. Shame he didn't apply the same level of forensic scrutiny, when the crimes of Jimmy Saville were dismissed for insufficient evidence by the CPS
  11. Maybe, but the Chinese haven't exactly helped themselves with their treatment of people with African origin
  12. Agree I thought the same. I've been on here a little more than I normally am, which isnt much nowadays
  13. Is this the first case of poster-to-poster transmission of the use of the word "pal" to make a point? I believe patient zero was Shurlock, with his constant use of the word to make a point. Now that this infection is spreading, I urge all forum users to self isolate and stay off this thread. Stay off this Thread | Protect Forum Users | Save SaintsWeb
  14. It's old technology. In my first proper job after university in the early 90's, I worked for a medical devices manufacturers and they were making and selling CPAP machines back then
  15. As my Dad once said... "Haters don't hate you. They hate themselves. Because you're a reflection of what they want to be"
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