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St. Nick's Bournemouth coach on Sunday!

southbourne saint

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This is me, St. Nick of the Northam, USURPING "King Derek of the Kingsland"s site for the first - & ONLY - time!!

What a truly outstanding trip/experience/day-out we had - SO BIGGEST THANKS TO YOU's!!

You made things sooooo easy to organise as you ALL turned up AHEAD of time, in great heart/spirit & "up-for-it"!!!

BIGGEST thanks from me ever then for that and your enthusiasm throughout the day!!

As you may have heard me say - on the way home - if We make it to the Play-off final, the transport is on me!!!! Oh, yes it is!!!

But it ain't going to happen!

Realistically, WHATEVER league We're in next season - I will DEFINATELY be running a low-cost executive 49-seater coach to the first London/Home counties away fixture, so you're all more than welcome to be aboard!!!

And anyone else reading this from the Dorset/West Hants areas that I don't know - that want a friendly/mixed-age un-hooligan lift to major away fixtures - get in touch, nearer the time (obviously)!!!

My mobile no. is 0779-2034572 and I look forward to speaking with you's!! Cheers, again!

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Great idea, thanks for organising Sunday. It all went like clockwork and a good bunch of people on the coach. The pick up at Chandlersford was nice and easy, even cardboard Rickie had a good time. Will contact you nearer the time. Nick keep believing, while there is a slim chance, we have to hope we can make the Wembley trip again in May. Thanks again.

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Cheers George - mucho appreciato!!!

I DON'T still believe, unfortunately, but can't get enough pain & anguish obviously, as just about to get the car out to pick up my Yung'un @ Haywards Heath before heading for their "Stadium" - ha,ha!!! He's blagged us some seats under cover near the half-way line in amonst Seagulls, obviously, so gotta be VERY controlled & quiet!!! IT AIN'T GONNA appen!!! See ya's next season, IF NOT BEFORE!! St. Nick of the Northam

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