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French cheating again ???

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Anyone else think that the French are cheating re the World Cup again ??


According to Liberation newspaper, the police investigation into whether Franck Ribery and Karim Benzema knowingly

paid for sex with an under-age escort girl has been put on hold until after the World Cup.


Mr Ribery - a convert to Islam who is married and has two children - has been interviewed by police.


However, as his lawyer Sophie Battai points out, he was questioned solely as a witness and there is no indication

that charges are being prepared against him. ( yet ? )


But if that were to happen - if he were "placed under judicial investigation" in the affair - his career on the

French team could be in jeopardy.


As the sports minister Rama Yade said on national radio on Friday: "The French football shirt is sacred.

It cannot be worn by someone who is under judicial investigation."



Are they pompey in disguise ? They both have blue shirts :D



Full story on.... http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/8654857.stm




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"Blue is the Colour.... ", an old FA Cup song of Chelsea only football seems not to be their game but cheating on wives and girlfriends, oh and England team mates too.

As Ribery should not play for France neither should Terry be included for England though more for the impact it had on Wayne Bridge than the infidelity itself.

So cheating is as I think most of us know is rife anyway, if you happen to wear blue shirts it seems compulsory :D

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