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  1. Mitsubishi Motors in the UK has written to its UK franchised retail partners to inform them of the Japanese car manufacturer's plan to exit the UK and European new car markets. Long-time UK importer, the Cirencester-based Colt Car Company said that it would attempt to accelerate its plan to bring other emerging brands into the UK to replace the space left vacant by Mitsubishi after it announced this morning (July 27) that it would freeze the introduction of new models into Europe with immediate effect. CCC said in a letter to its franchised partners that it “did not, at any point, anticipate receiving this news”. https://www.am-online.com/news/manufacturer/2020/07/27/mitsubishi-motors-in-the-uk-shares-unexpected-market-withdrawal-plan-with-dealers .
  2. Persons who send me videos like this one:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2WH1bFLJmE
  3. Welcome Jeremy I also live in NZ ( North Island ), alas unless you subscribe to SPARK you won't see much live action from Saints. There is no point in me ( an OAP ) paying $20 a month as SPARK tell me that they are unable to give me sufficient quality Broadband.
  4. I know that you lose an argument as soon as you mention a certain German dictator but to me the Chinese commie leader is an exact copy of that German chap.
  5. Here is a video which might be of interest about how to deal with grocery deliveries to your door. What might be common sense for you might still be worth passing on as not everyone will perhaps have thought of some of his ideas? He takes his time explaining how and why but try and keep going
  6. I know that a lot of New Zealanders love their alcohol and food but NZ$100 Million in one day? I also suspect that most of that must have been after our P.M. gave her talk about upping the alert level.
  7. My abode is in Tauranga.
  8. Well our P.M. has just said we are going to level 3 now for 48 hours and then level 4 for at least 4 weeks. Alert level 3 - restrict There's a heightened risk the disease is not contained RISK ASSESSMENT: Community transmission occurring or Multiple clusters break out RANGE OF MEASURES: Travel in areas with clusters or community transmission limited Affected educational facilities closed Mass gatherings cancelled Public venues closed (ie: libraries, museums, cinemas, food courts, gyms, pools, amusement parks) Alternative ways of working required and some non-essential businesses should close Non face-to-face primary care consultations Non acute (elective) services and procedures in hospitals deferred and healthcare staff re-prioritised Alert level 4 - eliminate It's likely that the disease is not contained RISK ASSESSMENT: Sustained and intensive transmission Widespread outbreaks RANGE OF MEASURES: People instructed to stay at home Educational facilities closed Businesses closed except for essential services (ie: supermarkets, pharmacies, clinics and lifeline utilities) Rationing of supplies and requisitioning of facilities Travel severely limited Major reprioritisation of health services MINISTRY OF HEALTH
  9. As far as I can find out this screening means filling in a form and of course 100% tell the truth 100% of the time and 100% do as they are told. Our P.M. is due to make an announcement within the next 10 minutes about whether she will raise the alert level up from the present level 2. Lots of medical people want it raised to the max of level 4 and I really really hope that she does. Thank You Rallyboy .
  10. Oh dear looks like I was incorrect as the authorities seem to totally ignore any sensible guidelines.
  11. So far I have not heard of much behaviour like mentioned above in other posts where I live in NZ and that is something I am very pleased about. The reason being that on Monday of next week my wife is due to have a cancerous tumour removed. The longer she has to wait if it has to be postponed or even cancelled because of idiots then the more chance there will be that 1) it gets even larger and 2) the cancer will spread into other organs. We have also placed ourselves in house arrest as we don't want to risk catching a cold or the flu which again would mean a postponement. I don't mean to sound like a wimp but it's quite a stressful time at the moment and my old brain isn't as sharp as it usually is. ( Yes, yes I know it's not that brilliant in normal times. ) I honestly hope that if anyone on here, even those that dislike me, does get that virus they recover very quickly and don't pass it on to their elderly family or friends by accident. .
  12. Look at these blasted irresponsible 70 year olds ... Oh hang on they aren't they is young idiots. https://imgur.com/gallery/h1sRend
  13. Well, well, well it hurts staying at home doesn't it and yet a lot of you moaners were extremely quick and keen to force the over 70's to stay in for everyone else's good. Karma is a ***** ain't it LOL !!!!!
  14. As some of you younger posters are pouring bile on older posters who don't want to be marooned at home what punishment do you want to inflict on them if they do go out? Also what about the young people who know that they have the virus but who insist on going out anyway knowing that they will pass it on to healthy people? Perhaps they should have their phones and iPads taken away as surely that isn't any different from being ordered to stay indoors. Judging by the videos and photos that I have seen from the UK it would seem that there are moronic selfish people of all ages.
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