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  1. 8th. Proper Mickey Mouse. Just a tiny reminder that Saints have also dropped from Top, I wish Saints had only dropped to 8th rather than 17th!!!!!!!
  2. I wonder, did these two ever swallow their pride and re-new their season tickets? .
  3. At A Mental Hospital : Doctor: - "What is this?" Mad Man: - "This is a book i wrote. Total 500 pages." Doctor- "You wrote 500 pages? Wow! What did you write?" Mad man: "On the first page I wrote 'One King rode on a Horse and went towards the Jungle.' and on the last page I wrote 'The King reached the Jungle.'" Doctor:- "So what did you write in the remaining 498 pages?" Mad Man:- "I wrote; Tigdik tigdik tigdik tigdik.... tigdik tigdik tigdik tigdik. Tigdik tigdik tigdik tigdik tigdik.... tigdik tigdik tigdik tigdik. Tigdik tigdik tigdik ti
  4. One Hour After Marijuana Becomes Legal in Scotland ?
  5. BLM gets a lesson in how ‘trained Marxism’ really works, as leader rakes in millions while chapters get nothing. While the Black Lives Matter Global Network, led by ‘trained Marxist’ Patrisse Cullors, embraced the windfall of donations following the George Floyd protests across America, local chapters say they were left holding the bag. It was through the hard work of “radical black organizers” engaging in a “protracted struggle for our lives against police terrorism” that Black Lives Matter attracted millions of dollars in contributions this year, yet the BLMGN only recently invit
  6. I think that both Trump and Biden are perfect examples of why there should be an upper age limit for candidates. I.M.H.O. when I listen to them I am horrified that they are either in or want to be in charge of nuclear weapons. As for the two "running mates" are they really the best both sides could drag up?? I think all four of these people are pathetic and as for Congress and the Senate old timers..... words fail me.
  7. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/54725640 This instantly reminded me of a December 1982 episode of "Yes Minister" Series 3 episode 7
  8. Well I have read some absolute rubbish on Saintsweb over the years ( and yes I include some of my own posts in that ) but this post by WSS must be in the all time top 5 for crass stupidity.
  9. "How do the democrats play this? Attacking a bloke who is seriously ill rarely goes down well" Well as they think he is already mentally challenged that hasn't stopped them in the past.
  10. Here is a video which might be of interest about how to deal with grocery deliveries to your door. What might be common sense for you might still be worth passing on as not everyone will perhaps have thought of some of his ideas? He takes his time explaining how and why but try and keep going
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