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Saints pre seasons since 1994

Matthew Le God

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Since Ian Branfoot left 16 years ago in 1994, Saints have only had four occasions where the same manager has been in charge for consecutive pre seasons.


Alan Ball - Summer 94

Dave Merrington - Summer 95

Graeme Souness - Summer 96

Dave Jones - Summer 97 [u][b]One[/b][/u] Summer 98 [u][b]Two[/b][/u] Summer 99 (Jones left in Jan 00)

Glenn Hoddle - Summer 00

Stuart Gray - Summer 01

Gordon Strachan - Summer 02 [u][b]Three[/b][/u] Summer 03 (Strachan left in Feb 04)

Steve Wigley - No pre seasons

Paul Sturrock - Summer 04

Steve Wigley - No pre seasons

Harry Redknapp - Summer 05

George Burley - Summer 06 [u][b]Four[/b][/u] Summer 07 (Burley left in Jan 07)

John Gorman - No pre seasons

Nigel Pearson - No pre seasons

Jan Poortvliet - Summer 08

Mark Wotte/Alan Pardew - Summer 09 [u][b]Five[/u][/b] [b]Summer 10[/b]


In all that time Man Utd have had one manager with 15 consecutive pre seasons and you could even take it back to 1986.


Quite a telling record. Pardew only had 4 weeks of pre Season for the 09/10 season but as he now has the whole summer 2010, some stability is coming that has been lacking in the last 16 years :)

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Pardew didnt have any pre season last year considering he came in just before and did not take charge of the Millwall game, so really this will be his first.


Pardew joins Saints 17th July 2009


22 days later....


First game of the season versus Millwall 8th August 2009 and Pardew was very much in charge and had by that point signed Dan Harding and also been in charge of friendlies against Hearts and QPR.


I think you are confusing the Millwall game with the Ajax friendly on the 18th July (day after Pardew took charge) that Henderson was in charge. 22 days is of course not anywhere near a full preseason and is why I put Wotte/Pardew Summer 09.

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