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Not just PFC that cheat

Saint in Paradise

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Here in NZ a man has gone bankrupt owing approx 108 million Pounds. His companies have totally

wrecked lots of other people lives causing extreme financial problems and in some cases medical

problems. In Court he was fined approx 17,000 Pounds and given 75 hours community service.


Many of the investors at court wanted jail for Bryers, but the corporate community considered

a community work sentence severe for such charges.:smt103


Next week he returns to Australia where he lives in an apartment worth several million Aus Dollars,

is paid approx 77,000 Pounds a year.


However all is ok ( NOT ) because


"He said the company collapse and bankruptcy was "an enormous ordeal" for Bryers. "They have caused

him to look closely at himself and to undertake a great deal of soul-searching."


Some victims stories







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