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Le Mans - MotoGP

St Landrew

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I know there are only a few of us that like exciting 2-wheeled racing, with plenty of overtaking. So this is a reminder to those coming on here this Sunday morning to switch the telly on as MotoGP coverage starts around 9.00am with the 125 race and young Bradley Smith and Danny Webb representing GB. Loads of action with the 125s.

The new 4T 600cc Moto2 category [which replaced the old 2T 250s] is in its 3rd race, and daring to usurp the 800s for popularity. Every race has been either excellent or just brilliant. Brit Scott Redding goes in this one.

With JT gone back to World Superbikes, there's no Brit in the main event. But Valentino is on pole and you can throw a hankerchief over the main rivals. Should be close. Don't think there's a pond at this track.


125 and 600s are on Freeview 301 and streaming on the BBC Sport website. MotoGP is on BBC2 and Freeview 301 afterwards.

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