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The Press Don't Help


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If I hear about one more "Non Story" about England flags, Shirts and bunting, it will be too soon.


The press seem to love the victimisation story of how people have been told to take their St Georges Cross's down and not wear England shirts during the world cup etc etc, but its not until you get to the last line in super small print that you find out the bunting was flammable, the flag was blocking an emergency exit and the police have never said people shouldn't wear shirts.


The problem is the younger generation believe a lot of what they are told or read in the papers as gospel and it leads to resentment and prejudice against foreigners and "The Worlds against us" mentality.


The local police had to go on radio solent last week to assure people that they have never said no to wearing shirts, after some facebook group had got so large in protest about something that just wasn't true..... a total waste of time.


When I listen to my son and his friends, I realize how naive the younger generation are (They are far from stupid) and how easy it is for the press to shape their views and beliefs.


Obvioulsy i'm around to set the record straight with my lad, but that's not always the case for everyone else and at a time when the next generation will be paying for the sins of our past, the press are helping create a society of intolerance.


Rant over

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