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Potential union trouble here as well

Saint in Paradise

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Unite union is threatening industrial action to coincide with next year's Rugby World Cup.



The union's general secretary. Matt McCarten, said the union is planning "a big push" on behalf

of its members in hotels, SkyCity Casino and other entertainment venues.


Interviewed for TV3's The Nation, he said current employment agreements had been "lined up"

so they were due for renegotiation at about the time of the World Cup.


"We don't want to wreck the World Cup, of course not. But we certainly are going to be lining up

the employers at that time and saying: 'Well, you're going to make a lot of money, what's going

to be the workers' share?'."


Mr McCarten said he expected employers to be "more focused" ahead of the World Cup.


Unite hoped to be able to convince the public that it would be unfair for foreign-owned

hotel chains to charge between $1000 and $2000 per night while continuing to pay workers the minimum

or minimal wages.


The union said it would be unacceptable for people to work for less than $15 per hour, (approx 6.90 GBP )

and in addition it wanted 10 percent of higher room rates to go into a special fund to be shared amongst workers.


Mr McCarten said millions of dollars of taxpayers' money would contribute to the World Cup's success,

and it would be wrong for all profits to go offshore.





I doubt that Hotels will even try to charge that much per night even in Auckland

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