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Henleys? Explain? So why are you on here tonight at 11:30 you saddo?


Some people will understand, some won't


Most of my mates went to playzone in pompey tonight to get ****ed and play in the ball pit and slides etc for a birthday party, as im 23 i decided against it.


I went for dinner wiv teh mooses, she left a while ago, i have been off work all week so not all that tired, and a little bored so came on here to check out some freds.


Oh and im waiting for my weekends charlie to arrive


Your excuse?

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Because last Fri was 1 year till I get married teh Mrs wanted to spend a nice evening in, however realised she had made plans already to go to a reiki lesson she had pre-booked so asked if it could be postponed to the saturday. I said fine, and went out on town Fri night. My magte then asked if I wanted to go over his for a smoke on the saturday so I grovelled to the Mrs saying I would spend all Sat day with her, go out for a nice meal etc if I could go over my mates in the evening. She wasnt happy and basically said 'do whatever you want' As I had already overstepped the line I went over my mates anyway as there would have been nothing I could of done to make it any difference.


She said she would forgive me if I took her and her mate and picked them up after to a restaurant for her works do tonight. So I took them earlier and went to the pub. Just got back and gotta pick her up in an hour so catching up on heroes while on here.


My back still f*cking hurts though

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If I had a thumb print on my head I wouldnt have gone out anyway last Sat! Its about keeping them happy. I take it you dont live with your Mrs then?


You went out to make it feel like your not on a leash, but you know you are really.


And no, i dont. Im not that stupid....

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