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Fifa 12 Amazon trade in deal for £19.95 (360)

St Marco

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Just thought I would post a deal here for you guys.

If you want to get rid of your old fifa 12 (as fifa 13 out in a few weeks) then Amazon are doing a trade in deal where they will give you a £19.95 credit if it is in as new condition (no scratches) or £14 if it is a bit fooked



Have to say thats a pretty **** hot deal right there

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It was £17.80 I think for PS3

The deal has ended now as I guess it got hammered. No way in hell Amazon will sell old Fifa 12's at a profit.

Can still trade them in for £8 but I'd guess other places might give you more. UkHotdeals is awesome for stuff like that.

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