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Cheers ! Very interesting interpretation of Lambert based on the previous players stepping up from the Championship.


"To focus on Lambert (the Championship’s Golden Boot winner with 27 goals just a year after scoring 20 in League One), there are trends within the data that suggest his game may be well suited to the challenges faced by strikers in the Premier League. Hitting the target from outside the box 0.75 times per game last season (well above the top flight average for strikers of 0.52), Lambert has the tools to overcome the limitations imposed by a lack of chances in the box at the highest level.


With Lambert also completing 61.5% of his forward passes, the information suggests that his game could fit well with the conditions Premier League strikers play under. Happy to drop deep to receive the ball and shoot from range, the statistical sample at our disposal indicates that the Southampton forward will see a marked reduction in his goals per game ratio in the top flight, but could become a more influential attacking facilitator for his team."


Seems to tie in with the comments on here about dropping deeper. Also very interesting to see the overall pass completion stats for strikers ALL went up in the Prem - which actually gives some credence to the much-mocked opinion about Schneiderlin (for example) getting more time in the Premier League.

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