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After a new TV...


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Only a littleun' for my room though. At the moment I've got one of these mounted on the wall




It's about 5 years old now, only 720p and the contrast it ****e. You can see the backlight adjust when things get dark, and when things get dark, things get invisible. Xbox looks good on it when things are bright and vibrant though, and the sound, for an LCD TV, is superb.


So, I'm after a 26 or 28 inch tv to replace it on the wall, with decent sound and a 1080p picture (because it's plugged into my comp, and 1366x720 is **** next to my 1080p monitor).


I know you might say 1080p is pointless on a tv that size but trust me, as a 3D artist, it isn't.

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To be honest, I usually wait until you get the flyers through the post or stuck in the paper. They are always having offers. We bought a 42inch Sony by doing just that at well over £100 off. We have an LG 32inch LCD too, but otherwise, all our other tellies are Sony. Richer Sounds has always been a fairly decent source of stuff for us, but the LG I bought was on offer in Sainsbury's and we only went in there for cheese, or something :)

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