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  1. Let’s be honest, the child sniffer ain’t gonna make it even a year
  2. Not only that, but I went through some security stuff the other day, only to realise that someone on the dark web had gotten hold of a few of my passwords. Including to this site. I have a feeling that this site has a few more issues than being slower than Rusiak
  3. Amen brother, I’m personally gonna pray for MLG
  4. The problem is that we aren’t getting, and probably never will get the full facts from this. What are the recovery rates? What are the normal flu statistics for the past 12 months? Why aren’t mainstream media reporting that the french found covid in their sewage systems in October last year or in retests of what doctors in France thought was flu (even though they couldn’t put their fingers on exactly what it was), but when they retested, they found it was covid 19, at the end of December last year. Did it wait patiently until January/February until it was officially diagnos
  5. He’s celebrating the fact that billions and billions of years ago there was a massive cosmic whoopsie that resulted in a couple of cells of some sort finding each other’s glory holes, bumping uglies and ending up going from plankton to fish to apes to humans. It just happens to be on Christmas Day. And now I’m outta posts. So merry Christmas 1 and all, I genuinely hope you get to spend time with your loved ones and appreciate how special they are including you MLG
  6. Clearly you’re unable to admit that you’re doing what the rest of us are doing on the 25th of December
  7. In demand and loved by many??
  8. Out of interest, what would you suggest if there’s another outbreak of some sort next year or the year after? Should we be locking down every time?
  9. Yeah it lays bear every single weakness you’ve got in no time! It’s pretty tough going for blokes like us in our 40’s but the feeling is immense. I love the fact you can roast your body in 40 minutes and you’ll get more than you ever will in a grunters gym
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