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  1. Well done lad, couldn’t be happier for him!
  2. Unlucky Hedge End. They’re your problem now.
  3. Off the back of this, Caroline Noakes is attempting to make entering spaces like this with vehicles a criminal act rather than a civil issue. if it’s successful they’ll be removed straight away, rather than having to wait for people like the ‘gypsy liaison office’ to carry out their assessments. Anyway, the parish council have now brought 6 x 1 ton concrete blocks to stop this happening again.
  4. There’s a load of Irish travellers in Nursling Rec who are on the hunt for anything they can get their hands on, especially dogs and caravans. if you live in the area I’m sure you’re already aware, but this lot are brazen as anything.
  5. Not it’s not. The world is being made to feel racist for not conforming
  6. Even If the leader herself says she is though? https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/nypost.com/2020/06/25/blm-co-founder-describes-herself-as-trained-marxist/amp/
  7. Tandems proper husband and wife wiredos that almost definitely don’t want kids and have the worlds most structured lives.
  8. Raging Bull


    The collapse of the American economy, the world in free fall and the elites getting their desired 1 world government.
  9. I love them because they’re everything you need to keep your body properly strong and there’s not much you can’t do with them. That and a good spin bike. Gone are the days I can effectively use the 40kg in my avatar though, my body’s shot through at the moment and injury prone. As for programs the 2 you mentioned are pretty good, although I’ve not actually got any qualifications myself. I sometimes see what the CrossFit guys are doing but they’re not really reinventing the wheel. Anything that’s good enough for the Russian special forces is good enough for me. Although they don’t half screw your hands over if you’ve not used them for a while! do you prefer cast iron or competition?
  10. That’s coz you talk shit
  11. Raging Bull


    Yeah this really surprised me. Wayback machine is a brilliant tool and well known by anyone in the marketing industry
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