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  1. I’m assuming some of it might be a boob issue because I asked my wife about this and the conversation went: Me: would you play in goal if you were asked to? Mrs Bull: no, don’t be stupid Me: Why? Mrs Bull: I’ve got big jugs and it would hurt if I landed on them. Also Mrs Bull: Stop grinning you perv
  2. People who have photos of themselves on their lock screens. Are they that narcissistic that they have to look at themselves 200 times a day looking like a whopper? I personally couldn’t give a flying 1 about me looking like a nob at some doo that was shit.
  3. 100% this. I plan 50% of my business decisions on the opposite of what they say with regards to covid and the impact their decisions have on me. Haven’t failed me yet. Meanwhile, in Australia, soon you can only participate in the economy if you’ve had the shot https://www.instagram.com/p/CTh1d2bpaEG/?utm_medium=copy_link This is not cool, and I fully expect this nonsense over here at some point
  4. Match day 15 breaking news Super fan known as “MLG” takes a Kung foo kick to the chest after trying to put him straight about God
  5. Quite. Not only that but you could clearly see the shin pad move on the replays, plus, if Pogba’s foot was a couple more inches over it would have put Neves out for a while. Just watching Pogba barely celebrate after Greenwood scored tells you everything. He was expecting VAR to overrule it, which they should have done.
  6. Was Dean the VAR twerp? I’ve not been able to pay attention to the game today.
  7. No. I’m happy to wait and see.
  8. Nixon is 1 of the more reliable sources, to be fair.
  9. I thought he was walking funny at the weekend
  10. Wind your neck in, it’s a joke…
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