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  1. I think Steve should sell merchandise with quotes from the members on it. MLG could have something about demanding evidence whilst copy and pasting Wikipedia
  2. Stick to playing snake on your Nokia
  3. Met Surman once in the Orange Rooms not long before Lallana scored in the 1-1 draw at West Brom in Pearsons’s short reign. Was a top bloke who was genuinely interested in talking to a drunk bull at midnight.
  4. why are you so desperate to keep on keeping on and constantly drag thing on? you're obsessed with me
  5. I don’t think for a second you wish anyone ill. I come at it the other way around from you, but this has been done to death. the only thing I will say is that I’ve never been freer.
  6. Do you hope Christianity goes away?
  7. No, not at all. 99% of those who attend church services will already own a bible. Plus the vast majority are having online services. the stats on downloads in Iran and China are quite staggering. I’ll try finding them when I get the chance to.
  8. Anyway, here’s a little something for you to s**t your y-fronts about... https://www.newstatesman.com/politics/religion/2020/04/how-coronavirus-leading-religious-revival
  9. The self righteous snowflakes are back playing fortnite again, close to mummies apron strings
  10. Most of them still crap in a hole in the ground and wouldn’t know a good days work if it grabbed them by the cahoonas. In this regard, I put the French on a par with the diddies.
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