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  1. I agree Henderson, Rice, Phillips and others might very well be more accomplished players than JW-P but it's not a matter of picking your best players, it is picking the players for the tactics you want to employ. If you play, say, Grealish, who wins a great deal of free-kicks, then you should also include your player best suited to taking those free-kicks.
  2. Winners: Italy Runners Up: France Scotland get knocked out at: Quarter Finals Wales get knocked out at: Quarter Finals England get knocked out at: Semi-Finals Dark Horse (Furthest a team gets excluding England, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Portugal): Poland Top Goalscorer: Lewandowski UEFA Best Player: Marco Verratti UEFA Best Young Player: Joao Felix
  3. Put another way, St Mary’s cost approx £1,000 a seat whereas the Tottenham Stadium cost approx £15,900 per seat. Are my maths correct? And talking of £1,000 a seat - where have I heard that figure recently?
  4. I am a season ticket holder in block 30. The cost for my ST for the season just finished was £737 (plus a booking fee of £1.25). This includes VAT of £122.83.
  5. Yes, from a header from Stevens in the 94th minute.
  6. The form table for the last four home games - scroll down about a third of the way and look who’s top Last 4 home games form table
  7. I’m not sure this is my ‘favourite’ VAR decision but it will allow us to bathe in that warm-glow of injustice for a bit longer ... A penalty for a clear handball denied away at Craven Cottage - 2:00 minutes in https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OCai3DoVe44
  8. I’m disappointed with our lack of discipline; we give away too many soft free-kicks. However, after a disastrous first few minutes we have performed well, seem to be getting forward quicker and less of the sideways-sideways-forwards-back-back nonsense that has seemed to be our signature style for most of the last six months.
  9. Consider the dross we served up at Newcastle, Leeds and WBA and then the pretty decent performance today at Anfield .. it makes not a jot of difference - net result no points.
  10. Well done to both Chelsea and City. Isn’t it uncanny that whenever Kante plays for Chelsea his identical twin brother is also selected?
  11. https://www.southamptonfc.com/news/2021-05-05/jannik-vestergaard-southampton-fc-wrongful-dismissal-fa-decision As Turkish says, what a joke. The whole point of VAR is to have a second look at an incident and reverse an incorrect decsion if necessary, not to back up the onfield referee every time.
  12. I’m glad I’m not alone in thinking it was Vardy who kicked JV rather than the other way around.
  13. An amazing display - who would have thought we had that kind of gutsy performance given the dross we’ve had inflicted on us in so many matches. Well done lads. Although it was a bit backs-to-the -wall at times, I never got the impression it was The Alamo.
  14. Well done Saints to have kept Leicester to a couple of long range shots. Sky pundits saying Vestergaard incident was never a foul, let alone a red card.
  15. It was VAR that ruled out a Spurs goal.
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