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British skier beats Norwegians in their own championship


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Cross country skiing is like a way of life over here, this has caused a bit of a shock. Nice work!


Funny that this guy has just beaten All the Norwegians at a sport they dominate internationally, but nobody has heard of him. This is a bit like some British bloke you've never heard of taking part in the Jamaican 100m championships and winning.

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I'm sure you have to extremely fit and dedicated to ski a long way over snow and it should make the papers as an achievement but certainly not as new or sports news because its about as interesting as curling, in fact I would rather watch international lawn mowing or regional paper plane throwing than that crap.


Cross Country skiing being a way of life in Norway does nothing to enhance me ever wanting to go there (I would quite like to go there) in fact it turns me off a bit as it makes it seem as boring as ****.

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