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aap3 on twitter


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Was just wondering if I had missed something with regarda aap3 on twitter or the relationship between the club and sponsor?


I always enjoyed following aap3 on twitter and felt they engaged really well with the fans but I've noticed its pretty much stopped, well in December anyway.


What have I missed? Has anyone else noticed?


I'm not saying there is anything to it, just thought it was great that that sponsors were so interested and were fans themselves.

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Still just find it strange. Aap3 were such frequent tweeters, I would imagine the person who ran the twitter account was a saints fan and chose to do it, probably part of their marketing/pr team and maybe he's left. Could be as simple as that. Orrrr maybe the relationship had broken down and the decision was made to stop tweeting on the saints. Either way its a shame because too much now we don't see a relationship between the sponsor and the club and with aap3 we did. Was very good as a fan to see. Very inkeeping with the 'family' concept.

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