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Women Drivers Cause More Accidents


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Hey BTF - I only report what others have said - honest



Female drivers were responsible for traffic accidents that claimed the lives of 31 people last year in Abu Dhabi, police have said.

The force released the figures on Monday as a warning, saying the number of crashes caused by women was on the increase. Abu Dhabi Traffic and Patrols Directorate said 209 major accidents involved female motorists in 2013, with 54 people seriously injured.


Brigadier Hussein Ahmed Al Harthi, the head of the directorate, said: “The accidents caused by women ranged from cars crashing into others, run-overs and overturning. Many were caused by jumping red lights, sudden changes of lanes, speeding and lack of attention.”


Al Harthi said that while most road accidents in Abu Dhabi were still caused by men, the number of crashes involving women was rising. The force also warned women against driving too slowly as this can cause accidents. They said slow motorists frustrate other drivers, who may try to overtake.


Al Harthi added Abu Dhabi Police has established a ladies’ office to handle accidents involving female drivers, as the force is keen to promote safety but respect privacy.

The office has a team of specialist women officers.





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