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inFAMOUS: Second Son


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Anyone else excited about this game? Loved the 2 previous iterations and can't wait to see what they do with a new main character - I believe rather than just controlling electricity the main character now absorbs other conduits powers which would be interesting. The two confirmed powers at the moment are 'Smoke' and 'Neon' which basically provide contrasting ways of playing the game.

Also graphics look pretty awesome.


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Patience :)


Nah, not just you. Played the first one through twice; once for each path. Haven't gotten around to finishing the second yet, although should get back on it before this is released. I think this'll do good numbers. It's released in a relatively quiet period and there will be a lot of people itching for a big new game.

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Would definitely recommend finishing the second one, both endings are pretty interesting to play through. I believe the good ending is the one which is considered canon.


I think this will game will give us a good idea of what to expect from future ps4 games, graphically at least

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So, did anyone get this today?


I still haven't gotten around to finishing the second one, but given this is a new story, thought I'd go for it.


Initial impressions are very favourable. Having played both games, it's one hell of a visual upgrade from the PS3 incarnations. They really show "rainy" Seattle off through lighting. Other than that though, seems very much like another inFamous.

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I got this through the post yesterday.


Had a day off work today so played about 6 hours so far, I loved the opening, thought it was really cool and introduces the characters and buttons to you well, and also gets you acclimatised to Seattle and the Washington environs.


The graphics and particle effects are absolutely sublime, really really impressive stuff.


Seattle itself is pretty cool, but nowhere near as big as I thought it'd be I have to say. I was also a tad dissappointed (but not at all surprised really) that they'd implemented the Far Cry 3 style command centre's/areas you have to clear around the city, it is a popular tactic in open world games these days and although I wish they'd thought of something a bit more unique I can understand it at least, and it is pretty fun.


The whole game retains the elements of 'sheer fun' as I call it that the previous 2 games had. The parkour stuff feels under-developed though, it just looks and feels really awkward trying to climb up a building where it felt really fluid and awesome in i1 and i2, there was a hell of alot of times today when I'd look for a smoke vent to get upto the top of a building rather than attempt to climb up it, because it just wasn't worth the hassle at all.


Overrall, I am very impressed with the graphics, particle effects, and just the overrall fun factor the game has but the gameplay feels a tad repetitive at the moment. I am only 6 hours in though and haven't unlocked any other powers apart from the default Smoke at the moment.

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I'm a little further in.


The VFX in the game are awesome, and without spoiling too much, I'm on the next branch of powers now and it seems like they've chosen the various branches based on how cool they look. I'm into the grind of the game now, shutting down areas and suchlike. That's not really the game's fault; more a symptom of my OCD :D


The plot of the game, rebel takes down authoritative society, has been done to death - but I'm enjoying it. Bit heavy handed, but a huge theme of the game is surveillance in society.

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Tempted. For those playing it , is it suitable for an 11 year old to play in front of him mum or am I going to get the nipper into trouble ?


The dodgiest thing I've seen so far is a mission where you are chasing a conduit who is putting down drug dealers. There's one crime scene in particular where a dude is hanging upside down with big neon lights through him, but there's no blood or gore so far. It's more comic book violence.


I wouldn't have had a problem with my kids playing it at 11, whereas I would have a problem with something significantly more adult in tone (GTA, Saints Row, etc).

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Finished this on Wednesday to 100% completion, took me 15 hours, got about 65% of the trophies.


Really mixed feelings about the game really,


Was getting a bit bored with the repetitive nature of liberating the districts, collecting blast shards etc. and main story missions didn't really excite me all that much today and yesterday either, just found the last 3/4 hours a bit of a chore to be honest, which as a HUGE fan of the series is a bitter dissappointment.


I really liked the 3rd power, it really caught me off-guard really, just wasn't expecting anything like that in an inFAMOUS game really, the 4th power is a bit more what I was expecting before I played the game to be honest and it bored me a little, also didn't help that you get it so late on in the game.


Really enjoyed the 'end-game' thought it was pretty damn spectacular and reminded me of the bombastic nature of the previous games.


I was having a ton of fun until I hit the 10 hour mark I think where the whole game became a bit tedious and monotonous really, similar enemies, similar side-missions just took their toll after so many hours, the whole city didn't really entice me as much as I thought it would either…I've never been to Seattle but it seemed to me that it wasn't very much like the actual Seattle to me, too many similar and repeated buildings for me to be like a life-like city, the 2nd island is far FAR too much like a 'game-world' too.


Still missed the zippy-ness of Cole's electric powers from i1 and i2 even with all 4 powers at the end, just loved grinding off one building to another, really was a ton of fun that (even though the 4 powers are pretty cool) still felt missing in this installment.


The story itself was pretty cool, the cut-scenes in particular were amazingly well done and the graphics were INCREDIBLE, the music aswell was amazing, I absolutely loved they had a Nirvana track in there!


Overrall, it is still a ton of fun but gets repetitive after a while, unsure whether I should sell it now or keep it for the paper trail missisons.

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I have to say I was pretty disappointed with this game. I was a massive fan of the first 2 but this iteration just doesn't seem like a full game for some reason, it didn't take me long to finish the main story (which was very predictable) and although I've only cleared out about half the districts I don't have any motivation to do the rest, like others have said it's very repetitive.


Although the graphics are incredible and I do love having the wide range of powers I just don't feel theres enough content in the game. Although I probably will do another play through taking the evil route in a few months.


Will be interesting to see what Sucker Punch decide to do on the DLC side of things, I really enjoyed the Infamous 2 DLC and something similar would be welcomed this time around.

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I finished this on the "good" path, and perhaps have more positive impressions than other reviewers here.


I really enjoyed the story, as far as videogame stories go. The anti-authority theme appealed to me, as did Delsin's general predilection for causing trouble. The dynamic between him and his partners worked much better for me than the back and forth between Cole and his sidekick in the first games. The graphics are also awesome; anyone wondering why they bought a next-gen console will quickly have their questions answered. Powers have been chosen on how cool they look. I actually enjoyed using all of them, although #2 was my go-to power set for most combat encounters.


The end of the game is very nice.


Bad points? I've got no problem hunting down orbs or taking down D.U.P centres, but the agent missions were frustrating; the "hot and cold" folder missions plain boring. Also, there are sections of the game where you're locked down to one specific power. It's a pity that they didn't offer alternate options for these sections.


Overall, a good game that is a real trailblazer for next gen graphics, let down by some of the optional side missions. Very encouraging to see something in this generation looking this good so early.

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Bought this a week ago to play with my 11 year old and we are on the trail of the third power ( not rushing the game ) as was said. Is fine only occasional very mild swear.

Have all but maxed out the second power which is is stunning and is very useful to maximise out a karma bomb quickly using the bubble and shot method.

Pop a missile into the back of a APC. Wait for the door to open and chuck a grenade. Pop pop pop pop 4 karma stars.

The paper trail looks cool too and I'm sure that will lead to a fifth ability.

As pap said , up till now feeling a bit daft for going to next gen but whoa! This is stunning.

Yes graphics aren't everything , but they are perhaps more important to those of us raised on ZX81s where 'you are a golden fire dragon, represented in this game by the letter A ' I kid you not.

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