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  1. A few years ago that was Slattery, look how that's turned out. Unless Finnegan is first team ready now, which I doubt, we shouldn't be making any transfer decisions with him in mind.
  2. Sergio Romero still available on a free transfer. Mad to pass up the opportunity
  3. Potential to bring in a '6' before the end of the window according to Ralph if an appopriate opportunity presents itself.
  4. Unless he can play both positions at once that's not really going to be good enough.
  5. Well in the green in terms of net spend at the moment. Every penny should be thrown at getting in a new CB and a decent DM if possible. (Would love a new keeper but it's just not going to happen)
  6. Seen a few people mention that Ings was bitter about being let go all those years ago, seems to ring true. Fantastic player but obviously has a massive chip on his shoulder. Thankfully I think we had his best years and a decent profit.
  7. Dier would be a great addition if we could get him for a reasonable price. Better than what we have at CB and can cover in midfield and even right back if required. Phillips... less exciting.
  8. Calvert Lewin apparently not training with the rest of the team... Based on a photo of him wearing trainers while the others are wearing boots. Take that as you will 😂
  9. Funny how it's vIrTuE sIgNaLlInG when its gay pride or black lives but not when it's poppys on shirts...
  10. It'll be interesting to see who's right. Tbh I'd be disappointed to see him leave as I think he has something about him but needs game time.
  11. The bid for Armstrong is Money + Obafemi according to Nixon
  12. This Armstrong saga reminds me a bit of Promes... "number one target", all over the press but the price is high. Can't see it happening, we'll end up with someone else completely out of left field
  13. Wonder if the Fofana injury will push Leicester to look at Vestergaard. They were apparently interested before.
  14. Except the club appear to be skint. May be better to sell this summer and have some cash to sign a replacement
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