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  1. What was bizarre and what put us into the dogfight at the end was the baffling delay in replacing him. He can't help being ****. The board can help not seeing that and doing something about it, months before they did
  2. West Indies scored n..n...n..n.n.n.n.n. 346.
  3. Anyone got a stream that works on iOS for preference, can’t find any
  4. I used top love international football. Was the pinnacle of the game. Now its just a load of uninterested egos. Genuinely couldn't give a crap how we do, and that's very sad
  5. Steve De Ridder was hardly at fault - it was idiots who took a youtube compilation and assumed we were getting Messi
  6. Main thing to take from this - long is happy here
  7. Would love a charity sponsor for a year like Barca did with Unicef. I still think out sponsorless shirt was one of the classiest moves I've seen
  8. That doll has a much much better beard. Interestingly the doll has the same penalty record
  9. Well that's one league they are well and truly top of. And the amount paid is the bestest and most massive of them all. No question. Trophy dodgers ? pshaw - Did we dodge the Johnstones paint trophy? No we did not. Something they ridiculed endlessly at the time and now something that one day they may aspire to , but not for a couple of seasons with the wind behind them. I'm very very grateful they 'sent the scummers down' - without that we wouldn't have been graced with the presence of the Leibherrs and had the best few years of football I have been lucky enough to witness.
  10. Says someone called Benji to behonest that was what my Gobletts reference was but I supose you have to be a certain age for that one
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