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  1. I think tonight we looked somewhere between we are down to the bare bones and we've been figured out going forward (hence the lack of goals recently). Missing Jannik, Bertrand & KWP at the back is massive as Stephens, Valery and Vokins are significant downgrades. Going forward, Armstrong aside, there seems to be less zip. Theo has gone off the boil a little and could probably have done with a breather in the past few games had Moussa or Redmond been fit. Danny doesn't look as on it since his injury & illness and it might take a while for him to hit top form again. Che's link up play re
  2. Latest from Ralph: “I can only say that we want him to stay and we show that we want him to be here, and he shows signals that he wants to be with us. “I think that is clear. We show him what we don’t want, and for us it is important to show that we don’t want to sell him, we want to keep him for as long as possible. “He knows that his quality now, we helped him to be that strong. It is a win-win situation if we can find the solution. He likes playing with this team and the atmosphere is fantastic.”
  3. The club needs to get tough with Ings IMO: "Danny, if you don't sign up pronto, mush, we're removing your personalised brick from the wall..."
  4. No longer the side against whom the longest ever goal was scored. Thank you Tom King: Tom King: Newport keeper sets world record with Cheltenham goal - BBC Sport
  5. Good point. Although Salisu has matched his goal tally already...
  6. Played very well first half, ran out of steam & first teamers second half. Can't help but think we'd have taken at least a point with a full team but we'll never know! On to the Shrews on Tues now...
  7. "When you have players who have been in the Premier League, earning Premier League money, one of the big questions you have is about their hunger. "In Charlie's case, he has it by the bucket-load." Looks like Charlie might've been rumbled by his new manager already?
  8. Linked in the Mail with a young player at Northampton: Southampton and Club Brugge eye up move for highly-rated Northampton Town forward Caleb Chukwuemeka | Daily Mail Online
  9. Erm... who the hell awards the player marks on Sky??? Diallo - 6??? 🤦‍♂️
  10. Bloody marvellous, particularly with a bench full of kids (and all 3 that came on doing so well). Standout performances everywhere but mentions have to go to KWP and Diallo. Ask an outsider who was England's best right back and it's not Trent on that evidence. Just a second start for Diallo and he looked just a class above. Enjoy him whilst he's here. Stephens too has given everything since replacing big Jannik and even Fraser looked solid if a bit rusty at times. It'll be a while before I lose my current inane grin...
  11. Isn't Long normally missing even when he is in the squad?
  12. Disappointing result but felt we concentrated on being solid rather than positive with 4 players out. 2 goals rightly ruled out for offside but no idea why the penalty wasn't given when he was clearly leaning into the ball with an arm away from his body. Subs utterly pointless at the end. Maybe Ralph's way of highlighting little depth in the squad when we do have absentees. Despite an excellent finish ruled out by VAR, I have no idea what Long gives any more. Hopefully N'Lundulu will get a chance Vs West Ham.
  13. Disappointing not to take all the points but will look at the positives: we're disappointed not to take all 3 points from a so called big 6 side right now. It's all part of the progress. City don't look the side they were - still very decent mind - but on to trying to win that one now.
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