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  1. From the Twitter-verse: Record: Talks between Sporting and Southampton over Jovane Cabral are reportedly at an advanced stage. Sporting have been asking consistently for €20M and Southampton may be willing to pay that price.
  2. Not transfer news but I see former Saints youth team centre back Bevis Mugabi scored his first goal for Motherwell in the Scottish Premier League today.
  3. The whole club is s shambles right now, taking the post-lockdown positivity and firmly stamping it down. Chaos over the shirt sponsors, lack of recruitment again (and again blamed on players we can't seem to shift) and sometimes brainless, sometimes turgid on pitch performances. I can't work out whether it's a lack of ambition or complacency over our finish to last season where we clearly over achieved based on the squad that was available to us. Maybe it's both. Whereas once I was casting an envious eye over the players and resources at the biggest sides, now I'm looking at teams like Brighton and thinking how they've got a decent mix of players, a coach who is effectively enforcing his ideas and an owner who cares and is willing to invest in the team and wishing that was us. Of course there's plenty of time to get ourselves in good shape again but it will take 3 or 4 reasonable additions to the team/squad to give us the depth and quality we're sadly lacking right now. And maybe even to keep our manager from thinking 'stuff this' and walking away.
  4. Well, Ronald has just said this midfielder needs to find himself a loan. Get on the phone Ralph... https://www.standard.co.uk/sport/football/barcelona-midfielder-riqui-puig-available-for-loan-after-ronald-koeman-talks-a4551301.html
  5. I bet Spurs are shitting themselves laughing.
  6. From the Sky Sports Centre, it looks like Sheff Utd are interested in a player we've also been credited with an interest in:
  7. Kamil Jozwiak has signed for Derby. Wasn't he the Polish winger we were linked with? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54145048
  8. https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/joseph-dagrosa-ownership-discussions-two-18903626 A bit more background reading...
  9. First time I've been jealous of Everton. A Hummel kit... nice!
  10. Thiago Silva has joined the great Chelsea recruitment drive.
  11. I can imagine Jim Bowen now: "Red Bull you wanted, RedBall you've got..."
  12. Lewis Dunk has signed a new 5 year contract at Brighton. I wonder if that means Chelsea will start looking towards Bednarek again?
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