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Modded crystal xbox for sale with over 200 games!


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Was for sale on TSF so I'll put it up here.


crystal x box with 200 games on various media

some may need a clean to get them to work

the xbox is fitted with evo x chip and seems to play everything

2 controllers 1 is crystal

console in very good condition


Looking for 100 delivered or 90 if you want to pick it up (I live in Shirley). Have to say that's a bargain price considering how much I originally got it all for.



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If collecting, is it possible to see it working? Is there any problems at all with it? Also what are the 'better' games of the 200? And does it come with box etc?


I actually posted a huge list of them on the old forum but they've been taken down! It doesn't come in the box but it's in very good condition, no problems whatsoever. I have no issues with you seeing it working at all (just let me know if that's what you want to do because it's currently in a cardboard box with loads of shredded paper and it's a pain to clear it all up!). From memory it has fifa 2007 halo 1 and 2, prince of persia and loads of others. As I said previously, if someone wants a specific game that isn't there then I can probably get it for them for a small fee (or free of charge if I'm feeling generous :))

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