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A business, not a family.....


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So it really has now become just a business and not a family.


Despite the journey we have been on since ML bought Saints, up to arguably our best season ever, we are now seemingly in the process of, if not self-destructing, then a complete renewal.


And that ‘business’ approach is seen in the Board, our erstwhile Manager and our players, the employees of SFC Ltd. Loyalty by the ‘employees’ counts for nothing, loyalty is as big as their next pay packet but only until they improve their own lot. Can’t blame them, but certainly don’t like it.


What's worse, is apparently there's no need financially for anyone to leave, so what is it that MP and the players forecast to leave dislike about SFC, about us, so much?


MP had made his mind up to go and nothing was going to stop him. As for the players, can't they wait to see who the new manager is and see what the possibilities are going to be? Or perhaps they believe the expressed intent to get into Europe are just empty words? Maybe we didn't shout loud enough, maybe we sang out of tune, whatever it was, first sniff and they're off.


It leaves us loyal fans, the Saints family, in tatters. All we see is our family apparently being torn apart and that hurts. It hurts me, my missus, obviously the ‘special fans’ out there – all of us.


What about us? SFC exists purely because we support the team, without us, ultimately, there would be no SFC


So no more ‘family loyalty’ from me, not until I see something that warrants it. And that includes whoever turns out to be an ex-player. They’ll be gone, in the past, time to move on and bring in the new.


However, I do feel something isn’t quite right the way this has just exploded, it is almost conspiratorial but maybe, just maybe, the Board will show they do have balls of steel and we won’t lose too many players and maybe, just maybe, we’ll get a marquee manager and replacement players – who knows? Mind you, up to now, their actions have hardly been inspiring.


But for me, I am going to have to distance myself from all the intensity of being a Saints supporter and start treating Saints as Southampton Football Ltd, at a distance, where performance on and off the field is irrelevant, where all that matter is have I had decent entertainment and value for money without caring who plays for or manages us.


So until there is a semblance of trustworthy behaviour, I’m going to turn plastic – if it’s p*ssing down and cold then maybe I’ll stay at home next season (unless we get heated seats)


It’s certainly been an eye opener these last few weeks. Naïve I might be and I’ve certainly been taught a lesson for my ‘loyalty’. So, as I say, it’s ‘at a distance’ from now on although we have bought season tickets.


It's now over to you SFC Ltd - actions speak louder than pretty words - you know what you need to do (hopefully/maybe)


But for sure, I’m going to become a hermit for the summer, stick me yed in the sand and not look again until August (that’s the plan, destined to fail!)

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"What's worse, is apparently there's no need financially for anyone to leave"

But that is the bit we do not really know.

RK said from day one we had to fulfil our potential, I think that is around 16th in league so the only way is down

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It's been a business for years, it's nothing new. This family club thing is just a facade anyway, more so now with all that 'lovely' $ky money pouring in,the paying supporter is just another revenue stream anyway. It doesn't matter how much anyone stamps their feet about Lambert, Mofo and anyone else who ends up leaving, it won't change things as they'll go for whatever reason it happens to be. There's is no point in getting too wound up nor going in to meltdown about it as unless you have a few hundred million swilling about, nothing you or I can do will change things.

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