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Charity cycle - 170 miles

Dr Who?

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As most of you probably know, I do a charity cycle every year and I change my challenge and my charity. 3 years ago, if was for Childhood First (London to Brighton) and last year Down syndrome (London to Cambridge)


This year I am cycling with my wife, for a local charity, Shepreth Wildlife Conservation Charity. They do a huge amount of work for endangered species not just for the local community or nationwide, but worldwide. Please check out the link below.




We will be cycling 170 miles around the chiltern cycleway over the course of 2 days. Ok this my not sound a lot, but it is the most that I have cycled over this course of time. It will be even more an achievement for my wife Liz, who suffered from SPD during her last 2 pregnancies, the last time needing sticks to get about and confined to a chair for the last two months, before out boy was born, just over 2 years ago. In February this year we were involved in a car accident, where we were shunted from behind and my wife's hips and pelvis were put out again. She has been doing Physio for the last 2 months and has just got back on the bike for the first time since this time last year. So I think you will agree, this shows crazy determination on her part.


We are both Saints fans, so please give as much as you can. :)


The route for this, is in the link below.





The Just Giving page is in the link below, but you can also text to the below -


SWCC79 £1 (or the amount you want to give to) 70070




Thank you for reading.... If you live in route. We will be starting about 8am at hoddesdon.

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