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Do you remember when 'The Farmer' used to post disparaging messages about the Board?

The Farmer

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I do.


1996 'Get a big name in to hide the fact a 'takeover' was in fact an also ran business man (Lowe) and an Accountant (Cowan) brought in during a 'reverse takeover' (a little company with turnover of 1/2m 'buys out' a big company with turnover of 15/20m) and make the previous Saints board millionaires on the stock market (AIM, less transparent accounts, not like the FTSE's company reports docs).


But the club's in good hands right, we've got the Big Angry Scottish Perm 'in charge' (for now).


Trouble ensued, lots of it, for years.


2014 - 'We have so much talent (assets) to sell, we better pay a famous international 'Name' (for now) a couple of Mill to keep the fans happy while we make a few hundred Mill flogging the assets in the name of 'progress'.


It's called asset stripping - all the best businessmen, and women, do it.


Trouble will ensue, lots of it, for years.


See you in 2034 for the next great crash.

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Actually, my maths is out, the cycle is every 18 years. So hang on in there until 2032 when we sell a young and promising Primark Lallana, Cheeseboard Walcott and BaBa Bale - who all despite being thankful of their time here, opt for a combined 1.76 trillion move to the New York Tattoes just ahead of the American World Cup, featuring 15 USA sides and one Lithuanian 2nd eleven for the 3rd tournament running.


The Saints board spend the money on a new megastore in Millbrook, selling dreams.

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