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Unlocked LG G3 (LG's top phone from 2015)


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Unlocked black 4G LG G3 (LG's top phone from 2015) - 80gb Memory (16gb phone mem/64gb Samsung Class 10 memory add on),1440x2560 5.5" Screen, 13mp camera, removable battery, 4K video recording, big battery & even plays the new Hi Res Music formats.


Comes boxed with the official charger and also has the LG Circle Case fitted (adds wireless charging & smart watch type facilities onto the front of the phone to access the basics like music, notifications, etc without opening the case or even unlocking the phone)


One year old, the body and screen are both in good condition.


Phone has the latest updates & is also unlocked to all networks.


The phone is around £205 on Amazon today, the circle case is £25 & the memory was £30. Shall we say £140 for the lot?


Collection from J9 M27 (Whiteley)



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Now £130 for the lot. A hell of a lot of kit for the money! Here's what Trustedreviews say:




And even though the LG G3 has now been superceded by the LG G4, it’s still a formidable phone – particularly when you factor in its new low price of £260 / $380 SIM free. That really is a bargain and here’s why.


Firstly you get a 5.5-inch screen in a phone that’s not far off the size of the 5.1-inch Galaxy S5. This really is a phablet trapped in a normal phone’s body. It’s not just the size of the screen that’s a bonus – it is also super-sharp thanks to a QHD resolution. That’s a lot sharper than the more recent 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus, although the LG G3 doesn’t quite match up in the brightness stakes.


Performance is also still as good as you’ll probably ever need. The quadcore Snapdragon 801 processor in the LG G3 powered a bevy of 2014 smartphones and tablets and is still plenty fast for daily use.


The best thing about the LG G3, though, is it’s 13-megapixel camera. This is arguably as good as the ones on the newer iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy Note 4. With optical image stabilization and incredibly fast laser focusing it manages to capture moments brilliantly. If cameras are the most important aspect of a phone for you then this is a big selling point, but the LG G4 does an even better job and comes with a manual mode that makes you feel like a proper photographer.


So what’s the catch? Well we’ve already mentioned that the screen isn’t the brightest, but the LG G3’s biggest problem is that despite packing a large battery its battery life isn’t that great. It’s not bad – it’ll last you a day – it’s just not as good as we’d like.

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