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  1. Southampton were the first British football club to tour South American (1904).
  2. Don't we also hold a record for most club fans at the New Wembley (JPT 2010)?
  3. First club to ever play an all foreign premiership team (Chelsea, Boxing Day 1999).
  4. Just seen on FB!!!! BREAKING: The 2019-2020 season will NOT be postponed, but all football matches in England will be moved behind closed doors via [@TimesSport](https://twitter.com/TimesSport)
  5. I'm sick of Saints Fans making extravagant claims without knowing the true facts............... we also got a footstool.
  6. No, both teams get 3 points per fixture however we beat 11 men. Saints awarded the overall victory
  7. Saints get a point, pompey lose the game (90+3), pretty good day.
  8. Me too, big Fraser looks as dodgy as he did last time we saw him at West Ham.
  9. Great first goal and Boufal looked like a completely different player
  10. I'm watching it on TV3 Max, good pic but all in Danish. Any others out there?
  11. Lovely condition, light use, RRP was £299. 4.5kg balance cast iron fly wheel Tubular steel main frame and handlebar uprights Fixed safety handles Magnetic resistance system 8 step tension controller Monitors calories, distance, hand pulse, ODO, scan, speed and time LCD display Oversized footplates Chip resistant Silver Grey frame Multi-position handlebars Max user weight: 115kg (17.2st) Assembled dimensions: H 160, W 76, Lgth 135 cm Collect J9 M27. There are some high quality pics of it here
  12. How hard will it be to get tickets for this game?
  13. Nice article on Redknapp and what happens when he leaves - https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2019/mar/23/harry-redknapp-is-playing-a-familiar-tune-to-disown-birminghams-blues
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