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iMac ?


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Having used regular windows PCs for many years, I was recommended the iMac to take me forward to the next generation. I have had an Apple iPhone and iPad also for a number of years and was told that the principles were pretty much the same on the iMac although I'm not sure that this really applies !

Having lashed out on one, I find it great in some respects but bloody frustrating on others !

Does anyone have any experience that I could draw on for some fairly basic questions (i.e.. printing a selected field, copy and paste etc..) ??

Tks in advance,


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One thing about Apple MAC PCs is that they generally last much longer than other makes. In principle the commands are similar but they take some getting used to. Fore instance instead of a CTRL key there is one marked CMD (looks like a cross section of the Tower of London) which you use in conjuncion with others. Uninstalling programs is a doddle, just drag them to the recycle bin. Right-click should also give you a range of options. You should be able to find all the help you need on the web somewhere, just ddon't expect an operator's manual from Apple.


Explore and have fun! :)

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