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Sweden - into.... the final third

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.....that means we've passed game 20 (of the 30 game season).....Not much change to see at the top end of the table.


Malmö and Nörrköping has pulled away from the rest and are 7 points clear with only a point and minor goal difference to separate them.


AIK have made their normal late season recovery, but are unlikely to catch the two leading clubs.


At the bottom, the fairly predictable demise of Gefle and Falkenberg is on the cards, and even if one of them puts together a run of results they are hardly likely to move out of the bottom two (relegation) places, whilst Helsingborg have slipped into the last relegation play-off spot.


The Swedish "wrist-slitters " amongst the fans of the two big Stockholm clubs, Hammarby and Djurgården were sensing the worst at Midsummer, now breathe a temporary sigh of relief, after a few positive results of late, but it is poor consolation for these two "big clubs" who have known greater glories in the past.


With Sweden still enjoying exceptionally fine late-summer weather, fans will look forward to a few more games in shirt-sleeve conditions, rather than raincoats.


The Swedish international side, (which was so attractive to watch just a few years ago), is also in transition with a new manager - but without the likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Kim Källström and veteran keeper Isaksson ....who all " resigned themselves " from their International duties this year, leaving the Swedes with a mix of mediocre "make-do's", and a few promising youngsters who are still finding their way at this level.


Their recent friendly game against Holland was a lot of running and shouting, but not much good football and ended in a rather tame 1-1 draw.


Hey ho...into the Autumn mists.

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