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2 Palace Tickets For Sale


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wish i'd bought some re-sale rather than the last of the bunch of "restricted views" tickets I have!


Don't worry about it. I'll be sat with you in restricted view hell. It's all part and parcel of the Selhurst experience.


Incidentally, if anyone is interested in this kind of thing, James Cauty's ADP riot tour (as seen at Banksy's Dismaland) is currently in Croydon and is well worth a look.

It's at the Timebridge Youth and Community Centre,

Field Way , New Addington, Croydon.


Some details here: https://jamescauty.com/news/


And here : http://www.l-13.org/acatalog/Jimmy-Cauty-s-MODEL-VILLAGE--The-Aftermath-Dislocation-Principle--UK-RIOT-TOUR.html

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