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Terry Paine Suite


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Was lucky enough to get invited into the Terry Paine suite last night. They certainly are not mean in dishing out the booze if you want it. It would be great to go there every game.

I did see one of the old faces from here also in there who played in the forum games a few years back.

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Is the alcohol served all game? I'm giving up my seat for the Man U game as been invited into one of the suites but I heard that you can either drink and not watch the game or not drink and watch the game...
well I drunk water and watched the game, the rest of the table drunk plenty and also watched the game. The waitress and waiter were coming to the table regularily asking if more drink was wanted. The food wasnt great but overall a great way to go to a game. I missed the handbags in the toilets between a couple of fans.
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