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Dell Diamonds, Framed Print

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With great reluctance, I'm parting with my framed copy of the 'Dell Diamonds' print. The story, I need the room to place the new photo frames I purchased earlier today. I put 16 photos of my grandchildren in the new frames and needed somewhere to place them on a wall. "You are NOT putting any more photo frames in my lounge!", I was forcefully informed!


So, I had only one other place for the new photo frames, my old office/den. That then meant, I had to take something down and it has to be the framed print. This frame measures 730cm Wide x 590cm Deep. It is for collection or local delivery only. My association are fundraising for local charities in 2017 and any money for the print will go to one of the following we are supporting this year, Barnados, Wessex Heartbeat, QA Hospital Renal Unit and the Air Ambulance.


I would like think the print and frame are worth at least £20. I can be contacted on 07941203334 or norms.comps@gmail.com.


Thanks for looking.






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