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Anyone know of a good motorbike mechanic

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As the title says, looking for a mechanic to take a look at my Sachs SX1 49cc moped, the problem is with its ignition and needs a part replacing.


Initially, I rang Double Take but they didn't want to look at it as Sachs is now owned by a Chinese company, and they don't touch Chinese bikes apparently!


Then took it to Southampton Motorcycles and have had the worst customer service there that I have ever seen in my 42 yrs on this planet, absolutely shocking service. They had my bike for the best part of a month and have really mucked me about (long story) - I plan to collect it from Soton Motorcycles tomorrow, but the bike is still not fixed.


Can anyone recommend a good bike mechanic, I'm happy to do all the running around and source the part required, just need someone qualified to fit the part.





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