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Panasonic TV Soundbar with HDMI & Bluetooth (for music from phone or ipad)

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Stylish black & Silver Panasonic 3.1 Soundbar (Was £280 New) with wall hanging brackets & an unused optical lead.


Its sound blows any flatscreen TV out of the water.


HDMI, Optical & Bluetooth connectors (ARC)


Matching wireless subwoofer, 3.1 channels of amplification (up to 350W) Dolby & DTS compatable. G.C & includes an unused optical lead.


Please note that the power on/off buttons are on the soundbar itself, all other operations are from the remote control. Any questions just shout.




Collection 20 mins from St Marys Stadium (Whiteley J9 M27).


Looks like this

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pic wrong

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