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Dull subject, but the roads around Southampton and Eastleigh in particular have gone from poor to almost impassable in some places.


I’ve just destroyed 2 passenger side tyres driving past the police station in Eastleigh. Went back to take photos and I’m shocked by how it could be this bad. The hole is about 30 cm square and (no joke) 10cm deep. It was poorly marked with a white box, but was in the middle of the cross hatching do difficult to see in the wet. I was so shocked I stood there for 5 mins flagging people driving past to avoid it, most had to swerve out of lane. A couple failed to avoid it and crashed through it, probably destroying their tyres as well.


HCC have increased council tax rates, yet do nothing to fix the issue properly, instead they fill in the holes with buckets of tarmac and tamp them down by hand. Lasts about a week.


Anybody been successful in claiming compensation? Any really awful examples to avoid?

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