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  1. Plastic

    Site issues

    finally finished indexing has it? Good performance or not, transient problems are a worry because they are likely to return. I haven't been able to get onto any of the match threads during a game due to the timeouts.
  2. Thanks for your replies. I think if I was in your shoes I would feel the Conservative party had utterly failed me - Cameron bails as soon as the results are in, May dithered and achieved nothing, Boris (for all his bluster) seems only to have succeeded in entrenching both sides of the argument. Just my view as an outsider looking in of course, I'm not up to speed on all elements.
  3. Honest appraisal please Brexiteers, is this going the way you hoped it would? Happy with the governments approach? Anything you regret or would change (please don’t just blame Theresa May). Answers on a postcard.
  4. Plastic

    Site issues

    Good point. The change of responding IP via DNS flush did make a difference to load time in a standard session for me though, so I do think there is some load balancing oddness happening. Just done the same, and it seems to have worked for me too, though you do need to turn ALL notifications off.
  5. Plastic

    Site issues

    @stevegrant - Sorry I'm not a website guy, but I can see where redirection issues may be causing problems. The site address is an alias for your cloudfront load balancer (dan1o7ct3u5eb.cloudfront.net) which has multiple VIPs, I was having a site performance issue so I flushed my DNS and received one of the alternate VIPs (see below) which seemed to resolve the 'waiting for cache' browser issues. Do you have the ability to scale your load balancer back to a single VIP to rule out a routing or DNS timeout issue? It may also be that TTL or similar records on the load balancer need tweaking. As I say, not a website guy so lots of speculation here based on infrastructure experience.
  6. Plastic

    Site issues

    @stevegrant someone mentioned incognito mode / cleared cookies yielded a quicker response and I have to say I’ve seen similar. Although you may have a DB latency issue, I wonder if you may also be caching dynamic load balancer / responding node addresses in-browser which are causing the bad gateway issues. worth a look anyway as I can’t see any reason why high latency DB queries would resolve to a bad gateway response.
  7. Plastic

    Site issues

    yeah, I got on once about a week ago. Posted, got a 502 error and couldn't be arsed to retype
  8. Change your horrible avatar to one more befitting an ITK
  9. Ah, now it’s the teacher’s fault. Poor old Gavin Williamson didn’t stand a chance. Such a fantastic politician too. Teachers should go away and shut up.
  10. Fucked A-levels, fucked summer holidays, fucked Covid response and probable fucked GCSEs. Is there anything this bunch have got right? How’s brexit coming along?
  11. Much rather have KWP. Never been a fan of Hoj, but good luck to him.
  12. Plastic

    Site issues

    @stevegrant - one more issue, I paid my sub (went through fine, got the email) but the payment page hung on the process and never displayed a success message. worth a look.
  13. Plastic

    Site issues

    Well done. Maybe some kind of bot brute force hunt for passwords etc? Were you seeing big bandwidth demands at the same time as the latency spikes? Seems fine now anyway!
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