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  1. Adams the scorer too? Fuckin get in!!
  2. Forgot about the game and missed it. wtf?!?
  3. Good goals, especially Ings, solid win. Norwich were awful. Very happy with the result.
  4. You’re welcome. For reference, you can do that for any website you would like to create an icon for 👍
  5. From safari, up arrow icon (actions), then this...
  6. Well at least I seem to still be able to post! Well done Steve, I know how painful migration projects can be. The loss of a couple of days of is a small price to pay for a better site.
  7. Plastic


    I'd keep bloody fit cycling to and from Tadley every day. It's a 70 mile round trip.
  8. Plastic


    Some **** has started a petition entitled ‘Give parents the option not to send children back to school if they reopen in June’ and it has 13k signatures already. If you want to home-school your children then go for it, but don’t expect teachers to set them personalised lesson plans indefinitely just because you can’t face the school run. Almost as bad as the ****s calling for a referendum on lock down.
  9. From a Netflix perspective; second season of Afterlife a disappointment, seems to have no idea what it wants to say, but some funny moments 5/10 Currently season of Last Kingdom still good for a watch. Entertaining if slightly confused. 7/10
  10. Plastic


    My point is that bleach exposed sunlight or water breaks down quickly into harmless compounds, it wont sit in the sand for more than a day or so. Bleach can be made out of seawater, its constituents are salt and water. https://www.thenakedscientists.com/forum/index.php?topic=6077.0 There wont be any Covid-19 on the ****ing beach anyway, so I'm as confused as you on that one.
  11. Plastic


    It was an idiotic thing to do, mainly because it’s so ineffective, but won’t be harmful long term. Bleach is very unstable in sunlight, and breaks down after just hours into water and salt. Not good for the upper layers of microbial life, but they will recover very quickly.
  12. Plastic


    Exactly right, they ignored clear advice. In normal times no one would have noticed, but these are not normal times and they must be held to account for their decision at some point in the future. Now is not really the time, as it distracts effort from the current crisis, however that wont stop journos looking for a scoop.
  13. And what are your thoughts on injecting people with disinfectant?
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