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    You’d think if there was a co-ordinated effort encompassing all nations they would do a better job of organising the process. All this bickering between world leaders seems a bit inefficient doesn’t it? Why aren’t their masters telling them to pipe down and get the extermination train rolling? Also being as these Illuminati types (Bill Gates, Tony Blair, Boris, Rothschilds etc etc…) are probably focussed on maintaining western ideals, you’d think they would do a better job of ensuring Africa is fully vaccinated, being as the continent is a major driver of population growth. Doesn’t f
  2. Plastic


    Can I just ask, who has the app? I've never downloaded it, I have no interest in being 'pinged', and as an apparent key worker (as is my wife) it appears the wheels of society have no interest in me being pinged either. We have customers who have all but shut down due to isolation, and the country seems to be grinding to a halt despite nearly 70% of over 18s having received 2 doses of vaccine. Anyway, I mentioned this on a board call today, and it was circa 50/50 - half same opinion as me, half very strongly in the 'app, ping, isolate' camp. One comment was along the lines of 'how
  3. NI residents are (currently) still UK citizens. I suppose this gives them another reason to vote for a united Ireland, which may not be a bad thing for all (most) involved.
  4. Its not fair. We want another go! "The European Commission has said it "will not agree to a renegotiation" of the Northern Ireland Protocol after the UK government demanded that "significant changes" be made." https://news.sky.com/story/brexit-uk-and-eu-cannot-go-on-as-we-are-with-northern-ireland-protocol-says-lord-frost-12360568 "On a visit to Belfast in 2019, Boris Johnson said there was “no question” of checks on goods crossing from Great Britain to Northern Ireland. But he had already agreed to checks a month earlier when he and his then Irish counterpart Leo Varadkar were
  5. Plastic


    Dude, you’re more annoying than he is 👍
  6. Plastic


    Oh I see. BoJo got the sugar pill. Damn he’s sneaky! Joke’s on him though, he’ll have no-one to cut his hair once all the plebs have been exterminated. Or generate his electricity, or grow his food…. Erm, not sure he’s thought this out fully.. aha!! That’s where Collin comes in! No more life on the dole for you mate! We might be doomed, but you will be a slave to the elite!
  7. Plastic


    But our masters have had the vaccine too, have they doomed themselves? 😢 Collin’s progeny will inherit the Earth.
  8. Plastic


    Yes but a decent proportion of those will be anti-vax types who require exponentially more care and cost. Refusers should pay for their care costs IMO. Society requires compromise for it to function. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/stories-57866661
  9. Plastic


    Hello my friend. I have been reading this thread but I cant seem to find a post detailing your specific views and the reasoning behind them. Would you be able to set them out in a calm coherent fashion so that I can review your points? Thank you.
  10. Yeah second half of ET was well controlled. Tough game but deserved the win. Soft pen but there you go, didn’t fancy pens against Schmeichel
  11. I find it very interesting that, many years after the introduction of HDTV, we still cannot watch our local news in HD. I think this highlights current misdirected priorities. https://cleanfeed.thetvroom.com/2397/opinion/why-are-viewers-in-england-still-seeing-that-red-screen-in-2019/
  12. In reality I’m happy to pay for it too. I’d pay it to keep radio 4 alone, although they are sailing close to the wind imo - they waste enormous amounts on shit content and chasing ratings. They define their majority ‘service’ spend simply as ‘Television’ as if everything they create is a public service. Top Gear is not a public service. Master chef, strictly, mrs browns boys, doctor who - these are not service broadcasts. They offer only entertainment (which is fine, but it’s not ‘enriching the public’ or whatever their charter defines their role as) I was just looking for an argument dur
  13. Well, tbf I was lying. I do have a tv, but I don’t have Sky - guess what though, turns out Sky still exists as there are people who choose to subscribe to it! Also I used to have Netflix but I binned it cause it’s generally shite - good news though - Netflix still exists and is doing ok without my money! The issue here is that your reasoning is incomplete, so you arrive at a false equivalence. I have private health care because if I do ever need an operation I’d like to skip the line, but I am still happy to pay for the NHS because it provides a ‘service’ which most agree is valuable t
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