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  1. we've looked brilliant so far. Walcott involved in everything.
  2. I made the same mistake. I have been to Margate, it was nicer than Blackpool.
  3. I thought you actually were a printer cartridge salesman? You told us about your 58 plate Astra and everything. also, what the fuck is this thread about, I must have missed something trivial. TIA👍
  4. hello, ive just started watching, but I seem to be in some alternate reality where that goon Forster is in goal. Anybody tell me what's going on? McCarthy got covid?
  5. Expected 3 points but after watching the game, I’m happy with 1. West Ham played well, defensively excellent. Despite being 0-0 it was a good game to watch.
  6. Difficult game. WHAM have been pretty good.
  7. great goal, ruled out. We do look good today though. Reckon Rom & JWP are the best midfield pairing we have had in a long time.
  8. Plastic


    Well reading that has made me smile. Put 30k+ people a day onto cruise ships. Amazing!
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