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Scouting at Hull City


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I wonder who is responsible for scouting on Humberside?

Harry Maguire/Andy Robertson/Jarrod Bowen have all been snapped up by Premiership clubs and have increased significantly in value and then, of course, there is Shane Long.

No disrespect to Shane who is a trier and appears to be well regarded within the club.

However I recollect that when we signed him a good mate of mine, who is a keen Tigers fan, couldnt believe the transfer fee we stumped up to get Shane down here after a short spell with Hull who paid £7.65m for him from WBA.

Six months later he was at SMS for a reported £13.41m.!!!

That and negotiating an extended 2 year deal fro someone past 30 must mean that he has an extremely good agent full of the blarney charm!!

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Long has been a bargain for us.  Yes you could reasonably argue we shouldn’t have extended his contract last year but his contribution before that shows he’s been worth the money we paid for him.  He can’t shoot but under Koeman he was a great player, and anyone watching live will never forget his goal against Liverpool 

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