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Man Utd Away Travel


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Me and 2 pals managed to sort tickets for Man United away and were looking a way to get up to the game without breaking the bank.


Hoping to get on a coach where you can have a bit of a laugh and a few drinks. Anyone any ideas?



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“The Sporting Event (Control of Alcohol etc) Act 1985 created a number of offences relating to alcohol at football matches. The act also prohibited fireworks at games.

Offences in connection with alcohol on trains and coaches

The act creates a number of offences in connection with alcohol being transported to and from football matches. Anyone who has alcohol in their possession whilst travelling on a coach or train that is principally being used to take people to or from a match is guilty of an offence. There are provisions relating to the operators and also those who hire vehicles. It is also an offence to be drunk on such a vehicle whether or not the person is in possession of alcohol.

These provisions also apply to minibuses in certain circumstances.”

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